Cloud Hosting Services

Hosted Virtual Applications

Virtual apps in the cloud enhance worker productivity in a manner akin to application “streaming.”

And sysAPPS are the productivity enhancing Hosted Virtual Applications from SYS IT Services. They are apps that have been optimized to run from a virtual infrastructure in the cloud with the goal being to minimize the resources required to operate the application software, thereby reducing your maintenance and administration tasks.

Similar to, although simpler than, Hosted Virtual Desktops, sysAPPS are applications hosted in the cloud and maintained for certain employees who need to use only one application. Some of the more common hosted apps include Office 365, QuickBooks, Salesforce CRM, and a multitude of custom-made proprietary applications.

Why sysAPPS from SYS IT Services? - Because software apps located in the cloud incur far less maintenance costs and maximize speed and reliability when multiple users share one application. We can help take your productivity further.

What are the key features of sysAPPS from SYS IT Services?

  • Reduced costs and easy log-in access
  • Deployment, management, and upgrade flexibility
  • Enhanced end-user experience from anywhere there’s internet
  • Enterprise-level software packages easily shared across your organization

What are the key benefits of sysAPPS from SYS IT Services?

  • Total mobility with sysAPPS running on any device
  • Total security with robust data storage and back-ups
  • Total freedom from hardware upgrades and software updates
  • Total care from setup to support without onsite infrastructure investment

With sysAPPS you can run any Windows-based software application in the cloud, access it from a PC, laptop, tablet, or phone -- Mac, Android, or Windows device -- just like you would if it were running on a normal computer desktop. Productivity made smarter, easier, and more affordable.