Cloud Hosting Services

Hosted Virtual Servers

Hosted Virtual Servers (HVS) are the gifts that keep on giving to businesses looking for control and cost efficiencies.

They are cloud-based web servers, mail servers, development servers, and production servers, and they provide maximum availability and seamless continuity; plus lower costs, simply by removing the maintenance that your IT staff has to do on these high-overhead, resource-intensive machines.

What’s more, the highly-secure shared resources that are fundamental to cloud computing allow you to employ a vast array of applications and databases without building and managing your own robust, specialized on-site hardware.

Why sysHVS from SYS IT Services? - Because our engineers are certified in all of the bleeding-edge cloud technologies, and virtual servers provide a sturdy backbone for any cloud-based IT infrastructure.

What are the key features of sysHVS from SYS IT Services?

  • Point-and-click connections to a safe, secure hosted-server farm in the cloud
  • Lightning fast processing power and massive amounts of memory guaranteed
  • All necessary updates to Windows, Linux, or any OS are installed automatically
  • Easy-to-use dashboard and mobile access keep you informed of systems’ status

What are the key benefits of sysHVS from SYS IT Services?

  • Total security ensured by modern, certified high-powered data centers
  • Rapid access times and fast data exchange means increased productivity
  • Quick setup, significant savings, and no hidden costs help your bottom line
  • “Always on” performance and 99.99% reliability from powerful server infrastructures

SYS IT doesn’t merely provide servers in the cloud. We help you understand and reach the cloud so it becomes a valuable asset to your business. We’re with you every step of the way, at whatever pace you require, from planning and data migration to training and ongoing support.