It’s not just your buildings that need to be designed to withstand earthquakes, so too must your firm’s IT infrastructure.

At least figuratively speaking, which is why SYS IT Services has devised Managed Services plans that are meant to give your architects and staff the ability to work in constant conversation with their colleagues and your clients without productivity-sapping downtime.

The surest way to achieve “always on” business technology that provides seamless collaborations, easy-access mobile platforms, and 24/7 software and hardware support is to outsource your IT to the experts.

SYS IT Services is the answer to the question, “How can I focus on completing projects on time and on budget and growing my business without any IT hassles?” Our Managed Services provide architectural firms of all sizes with the following:

  • Round-the-clock technology monitoring and proactive support
  • Easy mobile access to all your company data and applications
  • Strong, compliant email security and network intrusion detection
  • Project management optimization for enhanced collaboration
  • Installation and support of computer-aided design & drafting software

SYS IT delivers solutions to architectural firms that ensure properly-integrated design software and cloud mobility.

But we offer architects much more than our industry-leading, flat-fee proactive-support packages; we provide a slew of other critical technical services because running a successful business goes beyond state-of-the-art hardware and software.

Click below to learn more about our Managed IT Services plans for architectural firms, and some of our other productivity-enhancing programs for Bay Area businesses:

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