Technology employed by the education industry is constantly evolving to accommodate learners’ needs. Let us help you keep pace.

We’ll do it by leveraging our expertise in how schools, school districts, colleges, universities, and libraries can turn their IT infrastructures into assets that help students grow -- and alleviate headaches for IT staff and administrators.

SYS IT Services does it for Bay Area institutions of learning, and we do it affordably, with a wide variety of options available to make teaching, learning, and participation easier for instructors, students, and their parents.

The hi-tech services for education provided by SYS IT give you opportunities to streamline scholarship, and they consist of:

  • Secure connections and filterable internet access
  • Complete education software licensing management
  • Proactive, “always on” technical support to cover ALL issues
  • Totally dependable backups for all your important data
  • Flexible IT networks, including cloud computing
  • Office 365 for easy collaboration on classwork and homework
  • Maintenance and support of every hi-tech device used by students and staff

The way SYS IT eliminates technology challenges in schools is by acting as an external IT staff, always at the ready, always willing to help.

We can help you bolster your school’s bottom line, increase the satisfaction of your students, and make the classroom environment more beneficial for teachers.

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