By definition, non-profit organizations have different goals than do most companies. They also often have different IT challenges.

Just like for-profit businesses, non-profits need highly-functioning technology infrastructures. The problem is they are often faced with budgetary constraints that make them more difficult to maintain. Thankfully, as so many NPOs in the Bay Area know, SYS IT Services provides fully-managed 24/7 technology solutions with affordable fixed monthly fees.

The IT services that SYS IT delivers to non-profits of all shapes and sizes include:

  • “Always on” server support and network security
  • Optimized business processes and growth potential
  • Enterprise-level data storage, backups, and recovery procedures
  • Expertise in donor and membership management software applications
  • Strict adherence to various security standards and IT compliance protocols

Simply put, non-profit organizations need solutions that work, resources they can rely on, and dependable experts advising them.

In addition to guaranteeing workable solutions, reliable resources, and dependable expertise, we ensure that non-profits make the right investments in telecom equipment in order to achieve their missions.

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