Real Estate

Giving your team better productivity tools in the field means more signed contracts more quickly.

SYS IT Services understands the importance of mobile technology in an industry like real estate, where business takes place in so many outside locations. So we make it easy for realtors, their staff, and their clients to stay in touch around-the-clock on whichever device they choose.

In order to enjoy the 24x7 remote access to your company’s computer systems, networks and software applications need to be accessible and available at all times, because hours of even minutes of downtime can mean missed opportunities for your clients and cost your firm money.

But with SYS IT by your side as your IT infrastructure partner, you’ll be assured of secure and stable networks that result in the following:

  • Near-to-zero downtime events
  • Expert PC and Mac hardware configurations
  • Secured, backed up, easily-accessed databases
  • Office 365 for easy, organized mobile productivity
  • 24/7 server monitoring with proactive support solutions
  • Installation and maintenance of Real Estate software platforms (including MLS)

Having the right technology in place allows real estate agents to function as local housing-market experts as well as devoted service provider.

SYS IT can handle everything an in-house IT staff would handle, and we can do it for an affordable, flat-rate monthly fee. Optimized networks, peak-performing servers and PCs, and seamless mobile communications... Just a phone call away.

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