Skilled Trades

IT for contractors is extremely important given the importance of collaborative projects, project management in the field, and customer retention.

SYS IT Services’ technology support for is tailored for contractors of any type, with any size company, and with any special needs. To that end, we are able to adapt to the specialized IT requirements of all kinds of contractors from cleaning companies and concrete work to personal trainers and plumbers to wrecking and roofing.

The IT services that SYS IT provides to skilled trades companies includes:

  • Data management with robust backup solutions
  • Optimized accounting, HR, and CRM applications
  • Easy remote access for your employees in the field
  • Business continuity planning and proactive IT systems upgrades
  • Design and implementation of contractor-specific productivity tools

Small companies must rely on cutting-edge applications and reliable mobility schemes to stay connected.

And that’s precisely what SYS IT delivers to contractors. In addition to providing state-of-the-art cloud services, secure networks and data, and on-demand support, you’ll love partnering with a provider who offers outside-the-box solutions to keep your internal and external clients connected.

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