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Managed IT Security Services

Firewalls and intrusion detection applications must be tip-top if you hope to steer your network clear of danger.

Our Managed Network Security offerings severely limit your exposure by ensuring access privileges are set up right, and entryways are sealed up tight.

Nowadays, every business is on some level vulnerable to cyber attacks, and they’re more than just a nuisance. They can destroy your company, and the threats are growing in number and potency.

SYS IT Services understands that our competitors in the industry believe there is nothing you can do to have 100% protection, but we’re not willing to make that concession just yet. We think we can get any company, big or small, as near as possible to total protection.

We do it by focusing on the two most important factors in network security:

Awareness – We are your partner in detecting crime, detecting, identifying, and looking into all possible endpoint weaknesses. We keep all the devices on your network under watch and closely guarded at all times.

Action – Visibility is only half the battle. You simply must have IT staff ready to react quickly to infiltrations, tools that are able to diagnose and treat cyber invasions quickly and powerfully, and ultimately patch up the breach immediately so no more attacks can do damage.

Is your company vulnerable?
Is its security challenged by limited staff
expertise and resources?
Are advanced security protocols and compliance demands beyond your understanding?

If you feel like the answer to any of those questions is “yes,” then there is one more question to ask:

What protections does SYS IT Services provide?

Managed Vulnerabilities - through scanning, testing, and identifying threats in real-time to your applications, databases, networks, and data.

Network Scanning // Security Testing // Database Scanning // Managed Firewall // Application Scanning

Managed Threats - we help you fight the cyber criminals with robust intelligence, detection, protection, and resolution services.

Endpoint Protection // Email Security // Managed Anti-malware // Network Monitoring // Encryption Services

Managed Compliance - reduce risks while improving and integrating fully-compliant security best practices into your IT infrastructure.

Risk Assessments // Security Awareness Training // Compliance Management // Security Best Practices

At a minimum, your business needs to have basic virus protection, malware protection, intrusion protection, and intrusion detection. But the minimum isn’t good enough anymore. Now you need SYS IT’s Managed Network Security services… for TOTAL protection.