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Managed Services for Office 365

Keep your emails, contacts, and documents organized in one place; work from anywhere at anytime; and rid yourself of software licensing hassles
in one fell swoop.

Huge benefits for businesses of any size: that’s what Microsoft’s cloud-based do-it-all productivity software delivers. So what else is there to know? Lots, and SYS IT Services are the Bay Area’s foremost experts on conveying this information to small-, medium-, and large-sized companies across all industries.

And it’s true that businesses in all industries are relying on Office 365 to simplify daily workflow and increase output. The benefits of using Office 365 in the cloud include:

  • 99% uptime and 24/7 technical support
  • Antivirus and anti-spam security solutions
  • Mailboxes with enormous storage capacities
  • Scalability allows you to add users and functionality easily
  • Access to your files and documents from anywhere at anytime

In addition to safe, secure online versions of Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint, cloud-based Office 365 provides:

  • OneDrive - A robust cloud storage solution that provides a totally secure, centralized location for your files that can be accessed by any web browser.
  • Exchange Online - A hosted messaging solution that delivers the capabilities of Microsoft Exchange Server as a cloud-based service. It gives users access to email, calendar, contacts, and tasks from PCs, the web, and mobile devices.
  • SharePoint - Collaborations are easy on projects that involve numerous documents, emails and meetings and require lots of sharing, live editing, and communication between commenters.
  • Skype for Business - The best projects welcome input from a multitude of contributors, and Skype for Business gives you enterprise-level VoIP, video conferencing, and instant-messaging services that seamlessly bring together people from all over the world.

Tap into Office 365’s wealth of resources via one of SYS IT’s private, public, or hybrid cloud hosting configurations, customized to accommodate whatever your business needs.