IT Services

Network Design & Architecture

Problems with your network’s speed, stability, connectivity, and security can all lead to poor performance and decreased productivity.

These are potentially devastating afflictions that are usually the direct result of subpar network design and architecture. Thankfully for businesses experiencing such troubles, SYS IT Services puts them to bed with frameworks built for business success.

Our experienced network specialists set to creating, integrating, and/or managing a healthy network infrastructure with a five-fold process:

  • In-depth review of your current network infrastructure
  • Identify and address problems and potential fail points
  • Consider: security requirements, unified communications, cloud computing, and virtualization
  • Determine the architecture/design that’s best for your business
  • Choose the networking components most suitable for optimizing network performance

SYS IT recommends only state-of-the-art technology to get the highest ROI from your network. And once your IT infrastructure is optimized -- your processing capacity, security settings, interconnectivity, and system resource sharing -- your business will be operating on an infrastructure that delivers results:

Enhanced productivity - Employees complete tasks faster and service levels are met more consistently when your systems work seamlessly.

Better cost efficiencies - IT network architectures that are designed properly and employ cutting-edge equipment require minimal service calls.

Heightened security - Protecting intellectual property and maintaining the privacy of your employees and clients are of paramount importance.

More flexibility and scalability - Ensure that your network is compatible with growth so adding systems and users results in little to no downtime.

Solutions providers generally design networks around their clients’ existing network architectures, but true experts realize the critical importance of designing networks around their clients’ business needs. That’s SYS IT’s approach. Call today to learn more.