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VoIP Phone Systems Setup

Businesses are leaving their traditional PBX phone systems in droves these days for a better option: VoIP “over-the-internet” phone systems.

Due to the appreciable savings, easy-to-use productivity features, and simple configurations that come with a VoIP solution, they have become the much more effective communication technology in today’s competitive, fast-paced business world.

VoIP stands for “Voice over Internet Protocol” which, as we indicated above, simply means using the internet instead of traditional phone lines to place voice calls. But there’s so much more to VoIP than that.

  • Convenience - it’s easy to manage
  • Scalability - it’s even easier to expand
  • Economy - calls over the internet are cheap
  • Portability - access from anywhere with high-speed internet
  • Efficiency - attach emails, send faxes, conduct virtual meetings, etc.

Without the high costs associated with installation, management, and maintenance, VoIP is becoming more and more popular among SMBs and enterprise corporations.

Would connecting your locations with free inter-office calls help to “globalize” your business?

Would providing employees full mobile access to their office extension improve productivity?

Would the ability to set up conference calls and web meetings on the fly, from any location, assist with your “Unified Communications” efforts?

If so, have a look at some of the other advanced features and benefits that SYS IT can bring to your business with a total VoIP telephony solution.


  • Simple configuration via web-based management console
  • “Presence settings” - to eliminate time-wasting phone tag
  • Email and CRM integration - to make calls directly from those applications
  • Unified messaging - allows you to receive voicemails and faxes via email
  • Unlimited auto-attendant / digital receptionist
  • Advanced call forwarding settings by caller ID, time of day, and more
  • Simple, convenient web-based video conferencing


  • Unbeatable mobility for Android & iOS clients
  • Use existing IT infrastructure and hardware
  • Better customer service due to sophisticated call queueing
  • Eliminate phone cabling as VoIP uses your existing data network
  • Simple integration with accounting & CRM software
  • Make and take calls on your existing phone lines
  • Software-based systems are easier to manage

The trend in VoIP is rising, and as more and more businesses look to take advantage of this feature-rich, productivity-enhancing technology to transform their telecom abilities, perhaps you should follow suit. Find out more.