SYS IT’s Targeted Solutions for Specific Industries


Transportation companies must constantly navigate a sea of potential failure points, with success being determined by a matter of minutes, not hours. Timing is critical, and without the right IT solutions to manage schedules, supply chains, shipments, and delivery receipt, you’re sure to fall behind in the market. SYS IT will deliver targeted solutions that integrate your customer data, asset tracking, and fleet management databases, all while keeping them updated in real time.


Each second of downtime on your manufacturing line drains your money and harms your reputation. SYS IT prevents persistent and expensive technology disruptions by optimizing your IT infrastructure, performing proactive maintenance, and providing 24/7 support. It doesn’t matter how complex or demanding your operational environment is — our experienced IT professionals can implement tailored technology solutions that seamlessly integrate your head office, production floors, logistics staff, and partners so your products stay mobile and your clients stay happy.


Nonprofit organizations like yours need to get the job done with what is available, but SYS IT’s experienced consultants can help you stretch a limited IT budget and extract maximum value out of your existing technology. We’ve worked with many organizations that run on donated resources with tight IT budgets and helped them achieve their growth goals through technology solutions that met their needs without requiring heavy capex. SYS IT’s solutions improve security for your donors to build trust, cloud capabilities to expand reach, and cost controls to stabilize your budget. You’ll have more resources to put toward your vital work, and minimized risk for your donors, data, and finances.


In the post-pandemic new normal, remote learning and more efficient teaching tools are critical to the safety and success of every level of academic institution. Cloud technology is the most effective and cost-efficient way to achieve these goals, and SYS IT ensures you can bring your organization in line with current e-learning best practices and standards. Our experienced engineers and consultants will manage every aspect of your IT, determining which solutions are right for your needs, procuring and implementing it, and training your workforce how to best leverage it.

Real Estate

Firms in the Commercial Real Estate (CRE) industry must leverage leading-edge IT to compete in an increasingly crowded market. SYS IT has experience assisting companies like yours utilize advanced technology to enhance strategic planning, close business deals more quickly and efficiently, and manage properties and tenants from anywhere. We offer a wide range of cloud solutions and industry-specific property management solutions that provide real-time data, so you can access and alter your CRE portfolio when, where, and on whatever device you want. Our veteran engineers can also assist with maintaining your real estate listing apps and blueprint software so your workforce can keep their focus on your clients and provide improved experiences.


SYS IT offers a wide range of cloud solutions that ensure your leadership, estimators, and sales professionals have reliable, anytime access to your systems and data from wherever they work. Furthermore, our highly qualified support team will ensure your CAD, estimating, and other vital software solutions are effectively integrated and always operating at peak performance. Our combination of leading-edge solutions and world-class IT professionals will eliminate costly downtime and delays, empowering you to improve efficiency and project quality while protecting your reputation as a secure and reliable partner.


SYS IT knows how vital integrated software solutions are for AEC organizations, so our experienced team continuously monitors your IT infrastructure and resolves any issue or threat proactively. Our managed IT services ensure your CAD programs, endpoints, and other integrated solutions run optimally with minimal downtime, helping you meet deadlines in a timely manner. With SYS IT supporting your technology, your workforce can collaborate on project plans, blueprints, and important documents as well as communicate efficiently with contractors without fear of data theft or unauthorized access.