Virtual CISO


There are countless kinds of cyberattacks lurking on the internet, and many more sophisticated ones emerge every day. To keep up with the rapidly and constantly changing threatscape, businesses need a cybersecurity specialist on their team to ensure their systems, data, and reputation remain safe. For those organizations who cannot afford such a luxury, an SYS IT virtual Chief Information Security Officer is the ideal solution.

Our vCISO will regularly meet with you remotely to help build your cybersecurity strategy and enact policies to keep your business safe from data breaches. They will also monitor your IT infrastructure to measure progress and address any vulnerabilities. Not only will your organization benefit from your vCISO’s leadership and guidance, you’ll also enjoy assistance with compliance and employee cybersecurity training.

Your SYS IT virtual CISO is an experienced, proven cybersecurity expert who will help you stay safe with:

Build a solid cybersecurity posture, policy, and compliance program with the help of SYS IT’s experienced security professionals