Hosted Virtual Desktops/Servers


Instead of purchasing and maintaining expensive server hardware and high-performance endpoints, businesses are increasingly turning to virtual desktops and servers. With this technology, all the computing that these expensive machines would do is instead performed on high-end servers in a data center, with the users accessing apps and data via cloud infrastructure. It is an easy way to cut costs and IT management burdens, but professional assistance is required to achieve an ideal setup.

Hosted Virtual Desktops and Servers from SYS IT are set up, optimized, implemented, and maintained by our highly experienced and certified cloud team. Your virtual desktops and servers are hosted in secure, high-performance data centers, and can be accessed quickly and easily without the need to maintain expensive hardware on site. And since our team takes care of everything, you’ll enjoy increased performance and security for your network while removing multiple sources of persistent expenses and worry.

Desktop-as-a-Service (DaaS) is a solution that enables businesses to access cloud-based desktops and applications quickly and securely no matter where they are working or with what device. SYS IT’s DaaS delivers a fully virtualized Windows 10 PC experience across all workstations. It includes the latest software and productivity tools available without restricting a user to a particular place or endpoint.

Hosted servers are a way for organizations to create private cloud infrastructures without purchasing or maintaining server equipment. They provide more granular control over cloud architecture, enabling administrators to configure, upgrade, downgrade, add or remove servers, and maintain command line level access to servers easily and efficiently.

With SYS IT Hosted Servers, you can:

Rapidly migrate to the cloud
Easily spin up or spin down servers as needed
Exercise granular control over memory, storage, and compute power
Connect and manage cloud environments via the internet or through web services
Integrate with Microsoft Active Directory
Directly administer each server with command line access

A hosted virtual desktop (HVD) is similar to a traditional desktop PC, but all data and applications are stored in a centralized Cloud Hosted Server. This server is located within a secure data center. HVDs are also sometimes called Hosted Workspaces. They function as complete productivity solutions, and are particularly valuable for remote workers.

To use an HVD, a user is provided with unique login credentials. These are used to log in to a DaaS service, which will then provide full access to data and applications. The user can start work immediately from where they left off, as progress and work are saved as they go and preserved when the user logs out.

The many benefits of SYS IT’s Hosted Virtual Desktops and Servers include:

The days of relying on bulky, expensive servers and workstations are over. SYS IT’s hosted servers and desktops will help you stay ahead of the curve by reducing operating costs and increasing performance.