Managed Security Services


It’s common for small to medium-sized organizations to limit cybersecurity spending because of the mistaken belief that they are “too small to target.” But because these businesses lack the resources and experienced staff needed to defend themselves from new, sophisticated cyberattacks, they are in fact ideal targets. With a proven managed cybersecurity partner like SYS IT, however, any business can benefit from expert, enterprise-grade security services without fear of breaking their budget.

For a predictable, affordable monthly fee, Managed Security Services from SYS IT will protect your network, servers, data, and endpoints from every angle. Our experienced security technicians will implement solutions that not only protect you from advanced attacks like zero-day threats and ransomware, but also operate efficiently and consume minimal resources. By partnering with SYS IT for your security needs, you are getting an all-in-one solution to protect your data, customers, reputation, and profits while your workforce (remote or otherwise) remains productive.

Solutions Offered with our Managed Security Services Include:

Proven Cybersecurity Posture

Time to Develop a Cybersecurity Strategy

With your current security architecture, budget, and personnel, what kinds of threats could you reasonably defend against? Many companies, both large and small, often overestimate their preparedness against cyber threats. A cyberattack is the ultimate test of the effectiveness of your current security architecture and response protocols. Organizations who are unaware of their true cybersecurity maturity and have no cybersecurity strategy are more likely to experience a devastating impact to their business. SYS IT recommends that you build your security strategy around the NIST cybersecurity framework. The National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) is trusted by the information security industry as a source of cybersecurity best practices. If you follow their guidelines, there’s a much better chance that you’ll be able to address cybersecurity challenges by accurately assessing your existing risk posture.

The five pillars are as follows:

IDENTIFY: Use tools to identify every asset running in your development as well as their related vulnerabilities.

PROTECT: Take some basic security steps, such as protecting logins with multi-factor authentication and training employees to avoid phishing attempts.

DETECT: Set up monitoring solutions such as SIEM and IDS and tie them to your network and firewall. The former will detect intrusion attempts, the latter will block them.

RESPOND: Implement automation that flags incidents as worthy of human attention and directs ticket assignments accordingly.

RECOVER: Understand how long it takes you to recover normal functionality after a data breach or malware event—then understand how long it should take based on your SLAs.

Following these pillars will structure your organization’s security strategy and help you determine the elements most at risk from cyber-attacks. Executing on each of these pillars will create an effective, if not impervious, defensive cybersecurity strategy. When you have the defensive mechanisms and processes in place, you will be prepared for a determined attacker who may be able to get into your environment.

Prioritizing Security Based on the NIST Cybersecurity Framework

The NIST cybersecurity framework is used to create the structure of the cybersecurity matrix. On the x-axis, you have the pillars of framework: Identify. Protect. Detect. Respond. Recover. And the y-axis captures the organization’s assets that need to be assessed and protected: Devices. Applications. Network. Data. Users. After an assessment, you will earn a score that shows how well you have secured your business and highlights areas of the greatest need. You can take that information to create a cybersecurity strategy that can provide the greatest amount of protection within your budget.

NIST Cyber Security Framework






With Managed Security Services from SYS IT, you can expect:

Determine if your data is for sale on the dark web, mitigate denial-of-service attacks, block harmful web content and emails from entering your systems, and much more, all for a stable, SMB price.