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Top-tier, professional, and experienced guidance to find the right IT for your business and a plan to leverage it for long-term success

Trying to make sense of the modern IT landscape alone is both time-consuming and expensive, especially if you make the wrong decisions

Virtually every business needs staff who are well-versed in IT to be successful — the modern economy demands it. Many SMBs resort to relying on whichever employee knows IT best or a single overworked IT technician, but this is not sufficient to achieve long-term, sustainable success in the Bay Area’s technology-dependent markets. To help San Jose businesses avoid the significant costs of hiring a full-time technology advisor while still benefiting from extensive tech and business knowledge, SYS IT offers world-class IT consulting services on an outsourced model.

Partner with SYS IT, and we’ll provide a dedicated virtual Chief Information Officer or virtual Chief Technology Officer (vCIO/vCTO). This veteran IT advisor will share their knowledge with your company and help you discover your ideal business technology setup. We’ll also help you plan for long-term success by crafting a detailed technology roadmap that lays out how to achieve your business goals and meet the challenges of your industry through the application of efficient, effective technology solutions.

Why choose SYS IT to be your IT consulting partner?

SYS IT is a trusted IT consulting partner because we employ some of the Bay Area’s most talented and experienced technology professionals. Even other technology companies come to us when they need the unique mix of technical expertise and business acumen that our consultants provide. But skill is only half the reason we’ve accrued a large family of repeat clients. The SYS IT team prides ourselves on our high-touch customer service that puts the long-term success of our clients first. Join us, and experience the difference for yourself. Our world-class IT consultants will apply their extensive expertise and deep technical knowledge to ensure you can achieve stable, scalable growth, and go the extra mile for your company as though it was their own.

Predictable, flat-rate pricing that doesn’t fluctuate or surprise you with hidden fees

A highly experienced consulting team that holds various high-level certifications in data security, cloud infrastructure design, network management, and more

IT knowledge combined with business acumen to ensure you get maximum ROI from your IT budget

Detailed roadmapping and long-term planning assistance that prepares you for scalable growth and future success

SYS IT’s wide range of services covers all aspects of your IT infrastructure and technology strategy

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IT Services

Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery

IT Services

Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery

SYS IT will transform the way you do business by providing invaluable knowledge and guidance in an ever-changing business technology landscape.

IT consulting services involve customized IT project management and advisory services on how an organization can best leverage technology to achieve business goals and maximum ROI. Strategic planning, vendor negotiation, and post-project support are all part of IT consulting services.
Most IT projects fail because of unclear specifications and unforeseen risks. A clear specification with an acceptance testing plan guarantees you will get what you are expecting. Technology changes rapidly, so there are unforeseen risks in every IT project. Identifying and managing those risks guarantees that your projects will not experience substantial budget overruns, schedule delays, and possibly even complete failure.
Certifications and results are the two most important considerations when it comes to selecting an IT partner. Certifications guarantee knowledge and relevant experience. Results are the ultimate goal, but combining results with certifications is the best guarantee of success.
Many businesses we work with also have their own internal IT teams. They partner with us for our IT Consulting services to leverage our guidance and expertise when it comes to devising a long-term technology roadmap or implementing large and complex IT projects.

Don’t let unoptimized IT hold your San Francisco business back

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