Virtual CIO/CTO

SYS IT’s Virtual Chief Information/Technology Officer (vCIO/vCTO) services differ from standard technology consulting services. The vCIO/vCTO handles the management of proactive (business impact, client strategy, etc.) and reactive (questions, concerns, opportunities, etc.) business items. Their function is to have a complete mastery of a client’s business technology, providing guidance on industry trends, business applications, compliance requirements, and more.
Another primary function of a vCIO/vCTO is standards alignment. A vCIO/vCTO’s meeting with a client ensures they understand standards misalignment and how/where to prioritize remediation. This falls into two categories:
Life cycle budgeting is also a key component of SYS IT vCIO/vCTO services. Typically, this involves budgeting for technology acquisitions and upgrades 1–3 years in advance. This ensures stable expenses and prevents inefficiencies caused by outdated hardware/software. Regular client meetings with the vCIO/vCTO reinforce decision-making and allow for pivots and refocusing.

Virtual CIO/CTO services from SYS IT provide your business with:

Partner with SYS IT’s world-class IT consultants and get the most out of your technology investments while planning your company’s future with confidence.